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Small Firm Advantage

Personalized Representation

Read a few one-star reviews online and it doesn't take long to realize clients feel let down when they lose meaningful contact with their attorney shortly after signing a fee agreement, and a paralegal alone seems to be handling their case.

 Too many law firms rely on a high-volume caseload, taking on so many clients that your case gets filed away with the rest, and rarely looked at until just days before your next hearing. 

The fact is, most Personal Injury and Family Law matters are capable of being successfully handled by a single attorney.  Simply by limiting the number of active cases we take, we are able to offer exceptional legal services to our clients, often above and beyond that of larger law firms, thus resulting in favorable outcomes for our clients.

*Paralegal Only services available

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Personal Injury,  Divorce & Family Law

Personal Injury

When Experience Matters Most

Seeking adequate and full compensation for an injury can be a complex task.  Personal injury victims may not have a full picture of what compensation they are entitled to, and insurance companies will often make lowball settlement offers that fall far short of what is actually deserved.   Dedicated legal representation can make a world of difference. 

Our office will aggressively seek compensation for your injury while you focus on what is most important, healing and recovery.  Let our office handle all aspects of your case so that you can return back to daily life while we work for you. 

It is important to us to treat our Clients as people, not just cases.  You will always have direct communication with your attorney from the moment your case is opened until it is resolved. 

*There are NO ATTORNEY'S FEES until you win your case.

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Family Law

A Personalized  Approach

Whether you need help completing a divorce or need to modify an existing custody or spousal support order, your family law matter presents a unique set of facts and circumstances. As such, we emphasize working closely with each client to craft a customized legal strategy that focuses specifically on your particular needs and goals, prioritizing what is most important to you.

Even in the most highly-contested family law matters, the most favorable outcomes by far come in the form of a skillfully negotiated settlement. A highly effective legal strategy from the outset is key to commanding a fair and equitable settlement on your terms, as court trials often result in judgments neither side is happy with. 

Our family law consultations are in-depth and free of charge.  Please feel free to reach out to us directly, we're here to help.

*Discounted fees for Military Families

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Family Law Practice Areas

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Divorce  & Legal Separation 

All stages of  dissolution proceedings, from petition to final judgment.

Spousal Support 

Petition the court to grant emergency temporary spousal support, or modify a current spousal support order due to a change in circumstance.

Paternity Actions 

Establish legal parental rights in order to petition for legal and/or physical child custody, visitation, and child support. 

Child Custody & Visitation 

Establish legal and/or physical custody, orders for visitation, or request that the court modify a current custody and visitation order.


Establish non-parental legal and physical custody of a minor.

Post-Judgment Orders

Modification of an existing court order, or to request an order (child support, visitation, etc.).

Emergency [ex parte] & Temporary Orders

Personal Injury Practice Areas

Collision of a semi truck with box trailer a passenger car on the highway road, as a resul

Accident & Injury

Motor Vehicle Accidents [MVA] - Commercial Trucks - Delivery Vehicles - Pedestrians / Cyclists - Dog Bite - Medical Malpractice - Slip/Trip and Fall - Intentional Injury - Negligence - Wrongful Death

Spine & Neck Injury - Traumatic Brain Injury - Nerve / Tissue Damage - Loss of a Limb -  Severe Emotional Distress

Compensation & Damages

- Missed Work & Lost Wages

- Pain & Suffering

- Out of Pocket Expenses

- Co-Pays & Deductibles

- Outstanding Medical Bills

- Future Medical Costs

- Loss of Enjoyment / Use

- Loss of Consortium

- Property Damage

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For more information about our services, simply reach out. 

Consultations are no-pressure and free of charge.

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